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Whether it is software, people, engineering teams, technology organization, or companies, I build things that build things.

Who is Bill?

I enjoy building. Engaging with others to solve problems is my passion. The thrill of struggling, learning, then succeeding is what gets me up in the morning.


My experience is fighting to be part of the innovation economy. Driving inclusivity into the innovation process is my expertise.

The journey started with the less-traditional route. No computer science degree, nor an engineering degree. It began with a slow computer, Notepad, and many Teach Yourself in 24 Hour books. It has become an opportunity to up-level those around me.

Bill’s Skills

thought LEader

Building upon the giants who came before me is my superpower. My capability is to stitch those some things into a whole, greater than the sum of its parts.


My passion is to delight those with the new, novel, and noteworthy tech. Technology is simply an implementation of human systems that make us smile. I love making people smile.

author & speaker

Sharing is caring. Life is not a zero-sum game. Giving back by writing, speaking, and teaching honors those whose ideas I have benefited from.


Execution is key. Delivering value gives us the opportunity to pursue the next new thing. I maximize the potential people, teams, and organizations bring to the world around them.

REad What Bill Is Thinking

  • Software Supply Chain: Security Marketecture or a Real Thing
    Overnight, companies adopted a new marketecture for the software supply chain.  Are these companies doing anything new?  Or is software supply chain the new buzzword that CIOs and IT Executives leverage to maintain face within their companies?
  • History of the Software Bill of Material (SBOM)
    The key to using an SBOM successfully is not which format you choose.  It’s the context for the decision support capabilities you need for current license, vulnerability, and software component needs.
  • Secondary Artifacts For The Software Supply Chain
    The most potent form of a secondary artifact is the documentation of how one evaluated the data.  This evaluation is critical as it allows others to see how an individual or organization determined others could trust their artifact.  These artifacts are essential to making the best downstream decisions.
  • 2022 Reading List – Getting Your Business To Market
    I have a dirty secret. I genuinely despise reading.  Why read then?  Experience has taught me how much time, and money, I save by learning from the lessons others have to teach. 

Investments Unlimited – Coming Sept 2022!

A Novel About DevOps, Security, Audit Compliance, and Thriving in the Digital Age

In the vein of bestselling titles The Phoenix Project and The Unicorn ProjectInvestments Unlimited will help organizations radically rethink how they handle audit, compliance, and security for their software systems. By introducing concepts, tools, and ideas to reimagine governance, this book will catalyze a more humane way to enable high-velocity software delivery that inspires trust and is inherently more secure.

By Helen Beal, Bill Bensing, Jason Cox, Michael Edenzon, Dr. Tapabrata “Topo” Pal, Caleb Queern, John Rzeszotarski, Andres Vega, and John Willis

Coming September 13, 2022

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